CIEHL:  General Information


The Cuaderno Intl. de Estudios Humanísticos y Literatura/International Journal of Humanistic Studies and Literature is a peer review publication that publishes essays in all topics of the humanities.  Our main language is Spanish.  But works can be written in Spanish or English and in some cases French or other languages. We publish two issues per year: Spring volume and Fall volume in a continuous number order.  Members should expect to receive each volume during any month of the academic semester.   We print each volume during the correspondent semester.  For example:  Fall 2008 Vol. 10; Spring 2009 Vol. 11; Fall 2009 Vol. 12; Spring 2010 Vol. 13...

Contributions are received and sent to the appropriate editor/s for evaluation.  We can take about 3 to 4 months to evaluate essays and inform of acceptance. But normally we offer a response in not longer that a month.  Our acceptance rate is around 70%. We encourage contributors to keep track and send us an email after this time. We handle a large amount of submissions. 

Essays text should be in Word, doubled spaced, using Times font in size 12 with cites indented two inches from margin and single spaced.  Pages should not be formatted, nor numbered.  The use of bolds or italics is permitted.  Titles should appear in italics. Notes should appear at end of text, followed by works cited.  Essays must conform to the latest version of the MLA Style Manual for the rest.  Works can be sent to our Department or can be sent by email to any of our addresses or members of the Editorial Board.  We continuously receive papers for current issues. 

Special or monographic editions are by appointment.  But we accept proposals for special editions, in which case, the invited editor is responsible for the organization, call for papers, selection and compilation of essays.  Writers should subscribe to this journal as well as Invited Editors.  We ask universities to subscribe since our publication is sustained by it's subscriptions only.

Our essays and authors are included in the MLA International Bibliographical Index for researchers.  Also, our Journal is listed in Latindex Dialnet, a research database from Spain, keeps and publishes our titles and authors for European and American investigators. We announce our call for papers with members of the AIH, AILFH, Instituto Cervantes and others. 

We receive books for review and interchange with other periodicals.  They are both included in each publication under BOOKS and JOURNALS RECEIVED. 

CIEHL is an international collaborative project.  Each individual becomes a member and their university names are posted in our site and published in our journal as part of the group of Institutions that work with us together. 

PRICES for subscription/membership:
    Individual:     $25.00
    Libraries:       $40.00
    Corporations: (SWETS or EBSCO)
    Replacement copies:$35.00 each*

*For corporations intermediaries & foreign subscriptions we will add S&H rates.


If after receiving the first paid copy a Library or Intermediary sends a request for Replacement, CIEHL will charge the correspondent volume as a Single Issue, plus S&H.  We do NOT accept Returns.  We keep records of all material mailed and sent as well as Return Receipt Requests from US Post Office when needed. If we keep receiving request for Replacements we will charge every Replacement copy sent as a Single Issue plus S&H. Make sure you have the volume before making a replacement order because we will not accept returns and we will charge all Replacements sent.




Departament of Humanities
Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao
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