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 Puerto Rico en la Olla....   




Cruz Miguel Ortiz Cuadra

Paperback, 2006

ISBN: 84-9744-047-1

Editorial Doce Calles


Gastronomy, Food, Cuisine, Slavery, Caribbean, Culinary Antinomies


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This beautiful book inserts in an emergent literature that is conforming and that is advancing towards what I would like to refer to as an   “ecological humanism”: that is,a historical and sociological analysis that is fracturing those artificial barriers between the human and his universe, the body and the mind (or soul…or spirit ),between chemistry and economy, between biology and culture.The book traces the historical and cultural developments of foods that are considered basic in Puerto Rican gastronomy. It explores the culinary practices encompassed around rice, beans, tubers, maize, salted cod and pork, from sixteenth century till 2003. With an imaginative use of the most diverse sources, Puerto Rico en la Olla is a succulent banquet of research and analysis about the history, anthropology and sociology of Puerto Rican cuisine and its contemporary impregnation of global cuisines and values. Extensively and rigorously researched, it’s also a well documented statement of anti-racism and democracy, and of the central role of popular culture in the conformation of Puerto Rican nationality through food. Puerto Rico en la Olla is one of the few studies centered in a region largely unexplored in food studies: the Grater Antilles of the Caribbean.  The reader will find novel information that will lead to new hypotheses and advance additional research on the subject. 

Ángel Quintero, Centro de Investigaciones Sociales de la Universidad de Puerto Rico.


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