To obtain a position within an organization where my knowledge, skills and experience in the field of personnel enhancement can be fully utilized in an environment that provides for professional and personal growth.




Master’s Degree in Arts and Education

Instructional System Design and Educational Technology

University of the Sacred Heart

Santurce, Puerto Rico

Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts

Major in Art Photography

Georgia State University

Atlanta, Georgia

Professional Experiences

  • Faculty Trainer in the use of computers, computer programs and related technologies.
  • University Professor of Educational Technology and Photography.
  • Coordination and implementation of computer and related technologies, as well as Distance Education in the public school system.
  • Teacher of Art, Mathematics and English.

Key strengths include the ability to successfully:

  • Develop training course contents.
  • Design instructional materials.
  • Design and develop comprehensive training needs assessments.
  • Schedule training activities and programs.
  • Design, develop and evaluate training programs and instructional materials.
  • Manage various responsibilities, with emphasis in staff supervision.
  • Plan and organize resources to obtain desired results.
  • Teach at the college level as well as the elementary and secondary school levels.
  • Communicate in oral and written form in English and Spanish.

Additional key strengths

  • Computer literacy with emphasis in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft FrontPage Claris Works, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe PhotoShop, HyperStudio, and Pagemill for PC and Macintosh environment.
  • Knowledgeable in Distance Education.
  • Knowledgeable with the Internet.
  • Familiar in a LAN working environment.
  • Familiar with most office machines, instructional and communication devices.




  • Professor (1997- )

Professor at the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao, Puerto Rico. Department of Communication. Courses taught:

    • Educational Technology
    • Photography
    • Scriptwriting
    • Graphic Design
  • Faculty Facilitator (1998)

Training of teachers of the Department of Public Education of Puerto Rico, in the use of computers and related technologies, to enrich the teaching and learning process. Duties included to:

    • prepare instructional materials
    • design and develop course contents
    • instruct in the use of the following computer programs:
    • Microsoft Word 97
    • Microsoft Excel 97
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 97
    • develop lesson plans in the use of computers in the classroom
  • Distance Education Facilitator (1997)

The Star Link Network, a division of the Ana G. Méndez University System, was an academic program designed to effectively use computer and communication technologies in order to enhance the teaching and learning process. Duties included to:

  • prepare instructional modules
  • deliver instruction through ITS (Interactive Television Service) by means of Channel 40 of the Ana G. Méndez University System
  • Faculty Facilitator (1996 - 1997)

Training of professors at the Centro para el Fortalecimiento de la Docencia, Universidad Central de Bayamón, in the use of computers and related technologies. Duties included to:

    • prepare instructional materials
    • design and develop course contents
    • design and develop operational plans
    • monitor activities
  • Coordinator (1995 - 1996)

The Star Link Project at the Ana G. Méndez University System, a part of the Star Schools Program funded by the U.S. Department of Education Title IX Program in partnership with the Puerto Rico Department of Education, was an academic program designed to effectively use computer and communication technologies. Duties included to:

    • design and implement needs assessments in forty public schools
  • collaborate in the design and development of instructional materials
    • collaborate in the implementation of computer technical support
    • responsible for the design, development and implementation of support activities
    • monitor activities developed by teachers
    • train teachers in the use of computers and related technologies, both on-site and using Distance Education through closed captioned television (Channel 40 of the Ana G. University System).
  • Elementary and Junior High School Teacher (1982 - 1995)

Department of Education

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

    • Responsible for creating an enjoyable learning environment geared to motivate students, through the design and implementation of innovative art techniques, to promote effective learning of a variety of concepts. Continuous creativity must be exercised in this teaching strategy.





2007: Author:

            Educación para los medios: lecciones y retos de la alfabetización mediática

            Paper presented at the 13th Annual College Board Conference, november

2006-07: Photographic documentary

                La fuerza laboral de edad madura

                Photographic documentary about elderly people still working

                Exhibited at Museo Casa Roig, 2006

                Exhibited at Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 2008

2005: Author:

  • Instructional Module

Cómo elaborar un módulo instruccional

1997: Author:
  • El diseño de la instrucción y las teorías de apoyo.

Article for Iconos, a publication of the Department of Communication of the University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus.

1995: Author:

  • La tecnología educativa y el proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje.

Article for Comunicación, a publication of ACTE, The Association for Communications and Educational Technology.

1991: Author:

  • The Cognitive Capacity of Intuition in Educational Technology.

Thesis prepared to meet requirements for Master’s Degree.

1990: Designer:

  • Instructor’s Training Manual for Adjusters: "Effective techniques for Adjustment of Accounts with Arrears".
1988: Co-designer:
  • Proposal to evaluate the "Teacher as a Second Language Program" at the University of the Sacred Heart at Santurce, Puerto Rico.



May 1991   Teacher Excellence Award

Awarded for Excellent Performance.

May 1991   Medalla Pórtico

Awarded for Excellent Achievement by the President of the University of the Sacred Heart.




APAD (Asociación Puertorriqueña de Aprendizaje a Distancia)



Provided upon request.


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