Agnes V. Arenas Alicea
General Biology

Ronald E. McNair
Scholars Program

Universidad de Puerto Rico Humacao 



My experience with McNair

I was motivated to participate in McNair Program because I want to complete a PhD in Microbiology and obtain a research position at the graduated level, and this program  helps me in all related aspects with application to a graduate school.

My Curriculum Vitae




UPR Humacao, PR
Bachelor of Science
General Biology Program


Work Experiences
January-May 2003 

UPR Humacao, PR
Director’s Assistant in Work & Study Program
Working at the Student Center as the Director’s Assistant.


February-May 2003

POP Marketing Services

I worked advertising different commercial products in many establishments. 


UPR Humacao, PR
Student Researcher
I worked on a project titled:
A Radiation Induced Carcinogenesis Mathematical Model for Space Radiation. We developed and solved in a closed form a carcinogenesis mathematical model with n mutations and parameters, characterizing an equal number of different biological processes arising when a stem cell population is continuously irradiated with high-LET HZE radiation.
The results were presented in:

  • PRSGC Congress on Integrating NASA Research and Education Projects in Puerto Rico AAAS & PR EPSCoR Annual Meeting at Condado Plaza in San Juan, November 2003.

  •  Junior Technical Meeting at UPR-H, March 2004.

  • PRSGC External Advisory Board at UPR-RP, February 2005.

  • Institutional Investigation Day at UPR-H, February 2005.

  •  Junior Technical Meeting at UPR-M, March 2005.

June-August 2004

UPR  Medical Sciences Campus, PR

I worked on a project titled: Expression of Green Fluorescent Protein Mutants in Microinjected Eggs of Pink Convict Cichlids: A Feasibility Study.  In order to develop this new model we conducted feasibility studies in which three different mutant forms of GFP including a blue and red variant were microinjected into fertilized eggs of Pink Convict Cichlids and Zebra Fish for comparison.  GFP is used as a genetic marker in transgenic fishes.

Extracurricular Activities  
  I am the sub-secretary of the General Biology Association and a participant of the McNair Scholars Program at UPR-H.
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