Isabel Garcia-Ramos
B.S. General Biology

Ronald McNair
Scholars Program

Universidad de Puerto Rico  Humacao




  My  McNair Experience:


            My experience as a McNair participant has been excellent. It seems impossible to find a

   group of wonderful people interested in helping you out.  Applying to Grad School is hard work

   and I was lucky enough to have the support I needed to survive the process.  I have been accepted

   into a doctoral program in Anatomy at Howard University in Washington, DC. 


            I owe a great amount of credit to the Program because it provides the tools needed to

   succeed in this competitive academic world.  I believe this Program is a great opportunity and I

   encourage others to apply.  I will be eternally grateful to everyone, who in one way or another were

   involved in my progress to become a Ph.D. and a better individual.

My Curriculum Vitae


     Have the opportunity to pursue a PhD in Anatomy. This will provide me the skills and knowledge to become an excellent faculty member and investigator, increasing and enhancing discoveries in this field and for the scientific community.




2001-2005             University of Puerto Rico                                           Humacao, PR

§   Bachelor in Science in General Biology


1998-2001             Juan José Maunez Pimentel High School                 Naguabo, PR

§     Graduated with high honors

Research Experience:

 Jan. 2004- present     University of Puerto Rico                                    Humacao, PR


Characterization of Bioluminescent Bacteria of the Coasts of Puerto Rico

Research Advisors: Dr. Isabel G. Cintrón and Dr. Francisco Fuentes


§          Culture

§          Preparation of mediums

§          Growth curve


Aug. 2003 - Dec. 2003     University of Puerto Rico                             Humacao, PR


Characterization of Halophilic Bacteria of Salterns of Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

Research Advisors: Dr. Isabel G. Cintrón and Dr. Francisco Fuentes

Summer Jun.2 –August 1, 2003      University of Puerto Rico    Río Piedras, PR


Cellular and Molecular Biology research Experience for undergraduates 

Thymosin β4 and a Possible Role in the Intestinal Regeneration of Holothuria glaberrima

Research Advisor: Dr. José E. García-Arrarás




Expression of Metallothionein, Thymosin β4 and Ferritin in normal and regenerating intestine of Holothuria glaberrima.

César A. Berrios1, Isabel García Ramos2, Wanda E. Medina1, Francisco Ramírez1,

Edna Suarez1, and José García-Arrarás1

University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras1, University of Puerto Rico in Humacao2


Extracurricular Activities:


2001- 2005

Student Support Services Association

                Position occupied: Vice-president                                    (2003-2004)

§    Activities:

Date: May 17,2003          Casa de Todos                Juncos, PR

Description: Visit to a shelter for abandoned children

                 Association of Students in General Biology 

                 Position occupied: Assistant Secretary                          (2003-2004)  
                 Position occupied: President                                            (2004-2005)
  §    Activities:
                        Date: October 22, 2004      
Open house                   Humacao, PR
: Welcome high school students to the university and inform
                                          them about the General Biology program. We talked to the
                                         students of our association.

                        Date: October 26 & 28, 2004     Mini-Symposium     
Humacao, PR
Description:  The symposium is directed to inform students about the
                                          research projects being done by the faculty of the Biology
                                         department. Hoping to motivate them to begin undergraduate
                                         investigation with one of them.

                2004- 2005        McNair Scholar
 §    Travel:
                        Date: October 28-30,2004 
University of Maryland      Maryland, USA

Visit to the graduate school facilities, specifically the
                        Biological Sciences department. I was able to speak to people and get a
                        notion of what are the requirements for being admitted.

                       Date: November 4-7,2004   
University of Michigan     Michigan, USA

Visit to the graduate school facilities. Personalize interviews
                      with faculty members involved in research. The activities included workshops
                       on diverse topics such as: funding, admissions, how is life as a graduate
                       student, among others.  
             Spoken & Written:
 Spanish and English


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