University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

Participation in the NACK Center


Materials Modification in Nanotechnology


August 31, 2011


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Class 100,000 Clean Room


The University of Puerto Rico is a multi-campus comprehensive public  research university which serves students across the island. The University houses an NSF EPSCoR sponsored Institute for Functional Nanomaterials (IFN) and is engaged with the NACK Center (Nanotechnology Applications & Career Knowledge) in addressing industry needs for a skilled nanotechnology workforce in Puerto Rico. This nanotechnology workforce effort is focused at the Humacao campus, within the Physics and Electronics Department.

As partners with the NACK Center, the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao and the Institute for Functional Nanomaterials are engaged in:

Promoting the participation of underrepresented groups in micro and nanotechnology education

Implementing the Pennsylvania State University’s Capstone Semester in micro- and nano technology. The courses are being presented initially in a workshop mode.

Replicating the Pennsylvania State University’s teaching clean room site model.

Education/training in micro and nano technology will be offered to:

Associate and Baccalaureate degree students (of natural sciences) that will become future workers within STEM related fields, preparing them to be inserted in the aerospace, manufacturing, and life science sectors, among others

Industry and incumbent workers with an Associate or Baccalaureate degree in natural sciences, offering then the opportunity to upgrade their skills.