Research Publications

1. Dielectric spectroscopy of [P(NID2OD-T2)]n thin films: Effects of UV radiation on charge transport, P.I. Sepulveda, A.O. Rosado and N.J. Pinto, Thin Solid Films 565, 300-303 (2014).

2. Electrospun composite poly(lactic acid)/polyaniline  nanofibers from low concentrations in CHCl3: Making a biocompatible polyester electro-active, W. Serrano, A. Meléndez, I. Ramos and N.J. Pinto, Polymer 55, 5727-5733 (2014).

3. Sensor response of electrospun poly(lactic acid)/polyaniline nanofibers to aliphatic alcohol vapors of varying sizes, W. Serrano, A. Meléndez, I. Ramos and N.J. Pinto, 2014 IEEE 9th Ibero-American Congress on Sensors (IBERSENSOR).

4. Electrospinning of Electro-Active Materials: Devices Based on Individual and Crossed Nanofibers, N.J. Pinto, © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015, A. Macagnano et al. (eds.), Electrospinning for High Performance Sensors, NanoScience and Technology, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-14406-1_4 (2015).

5. Graphene Based Reversible Nano-Switch/Sensor Schottky Diode (nanoSSSD) Device - US Patent (accepted - 2015): Inventor(s): Felix Miranda (NASA), Onoufrios Theofylaktos (NASA), Nicholas Pinto (UPR-Humacao), Carl Mueller (NASA), Javier Santos (NASA), Michael Meador (NASA).

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