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International Student Exchange Program:

Puerta al Gran Caribe

between the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

and The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados



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Candela, Carmen Zeta



Límites I, Ezequiel Taveras



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UWI-Cave Hill

El Encuentro: Escultura con Mosaicos, Daniel Lind RamosFounded in 1962, the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao was the first Regional College of the UPR System and, at this moment, is the main campus at the East part of the Island.  It serves around 4,500 students with a faculty of 334 members in the areas of Arts, Natural Sciences and Administrative Sciences.  The University of Puerto Rico at Humacao is the most important center of education in the East region of Puerto Rico.




Located at the most eastern part of the Island of Puerto Rico, the UPRH's institutional maturity and academic credibility of its faculty personnel invite the most gifted students of the UPRH and of the UWI-Cave Hill to participate in the International Student Exchange Program.

UPRH participant programs of the exchange agreement

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On October of 1948 the University of the West Indies was initiated in Jamaica as the University College of the West Indies.  It was subsequently granted University status in 1962.  In the following year Colleges of Arts and Sciences were established at St. Augustine, Trinidad and at Cave Hill in Barbados.  The Cave Hill Campus began in Bridgetown Harbour and in August 1967 the College moved to its present site at Cave Hill.  The present enrolment is approximately 8,600 students.  The simplicity and order of the architectural design, combined with the scenic attractiveness of the site, and the relatively small size of the University community, has resulted in an atmosphere of intimacy and friendliness which is immediately felt by visitors to the campus.

UWI-Cave Hill participant programs of the exchange agreement





Catarsis, 2005, Ezequiel Taveras



Merla, Ezequiel Taveras



Balseros IX, Carmen Zeta


Balseros IV, Carmen Zeta

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Inmortalidad, 2005, Ezequiel Taveras

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