International Student Exchange Program:

Puerta al Gran Caribe

between the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao

and The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados



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    Check if you are eligible for:    Scholarships

    Each student will pay

  • his/her tuition fees for the desired term at their home university.

  • other university charges at the host institution which could include: personal terrestrial transportation, caution money, guild fees, identification cards, maintenance and technology fees, books, materials, cultural activities and others.


          - Information on Maintenance Costs, i.e. accommodation and living expenses can be found here.

          - UPRH's Costs Message from Dr. Ian Craig.



          - Information on Maintenance Costs i.e. accommodation and living expenses can be found here.

  • the cost of accommodation.

UWI - Accommodations

  • a medical insurance policy at the host university and repatriation insurance from his/her home institution for the duration of their exchange.

Medical Insurance of Free Selection at the UPR

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  • the cost of travel, roundtrip, from Puerto Rico to Barbados and vice versa.

The UPRH student admitted to the International Student's Exchange Program Puerta al Gran Caribe between UPRH and The University of the West Indies-Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, and qualified for financial aid, will be responsible to follow the norms and limitations that apply in the federal financial aid programs at the UPRH.

Note:  When preparing a budget, the student should consider personal and transportation, aerial and terrestrial, expenses.





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