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Dear Students,

Congratulations on taking an interest in the Exchange Program between the Humacao Campus of the University of Puerto Rico and the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies in Barbados. This is a chance for you to acquire an asset highly valued in the world at large: a significant period living abroad whilst studying in an overseas institution. It is widely recognized by leaders in society that students who have undertaken study abroad tend to be more open-minded and have superior negotiating and problem-solving skills. This exchange will provide not only full language immersion, but a chance to cultivate intercultural competence – the capacity to understand and negotiate difference.

Study abroad, particularly in a language other than your own, can be challenging, which is why this small-scale Exchange has been put in place: as a participant, you will benefit from a structured framework that includes pre-approval for credits of the courses you take at the sister institution, a local Liaison to welcome and assist you, and on-going monitoring of your experience at the overseas institution. Furthermore, we won’t pretend that the Exchange is only of benefit to you: it is in all our interests – Administrators, Faculty and students alike – to diversify our student bodies for the enrichment of both campus communities as a whole. As a participant, you will therefore be contributing to the enhancement of our institutions, as well as to your own personal and professional development.

For too long, the Caribbean has remained divided by the barriers of language and culture inherited from its colonial past. You can help to break down the barriers: be a part of a new Caribbean in which everyone speaks to each other – and understands the answer!



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