Methods of Theoretical Physics/Applied Mathematics / Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering/Mathematical Techniques for Biology and Medicine -  Part 6


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"...dijo que para terminar el poema le era indispensable la casa,
pues en un ángulo del sótano había un Aleph. Aclaró que un Aleph es uno
de los puntos del espacio que contienen todos los puntos."
El Aleph - Jorge Luis Borges



251. Deflection of Hinged Thin Elastic Column

252.  Deflections of a loaded rotating string  

253. Fourth order beam deflection equation

254. Fixed beam with continuous loading

255. Green's Function and Fourier Series - Part 1

256. Green's Function and the Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

257.  Green's function and BVP in one dimension - Part 2  

258. Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems  

259. Finite Differences and Boundary Value Problems

260.  Taylor Series and Boundary Value Problems

261. Two Dimensional Array Green's Function for the Classical Damped Harmonic Oscillator  

262. Taylor Series Solution of the Bessel Equation  

263.  BVP for DE d^2 y/dx^2 + xy = - x 

264. Quantum Double Square Well Potential

265.  Propagator of the Linear Harmonic Oscillator  

266.   Quantum An-harmonic Oscillator

267.  Propagator of the Linear Harmonic Oscillator - Part 2

268.  Time dependent Schrodinger Equation  - Part1

267. Schrodinger Time Dependent Equation -Part 2 (application to the harmonic oscillator) 

268. Particle in a Semi Infinite Box Potential

268-b Addendum to Particle in a semi infinite Box

269. Expectation value of r in the hydrogenic atom

270. Time-dependent perturbation theory  

271.   Two state quantum system  

272. Two state quantum system at resonance

273.  Inhomogeneous wave equation  

274. The sine- Gordon equation  

275.  Solitons  

276.  Fourier integral transform    

277. Stiff Differential Equation   

278.  Klein Gordon solutions for the particle in a box  

279.  Klein Gordon equation with a harmonic potential   

280. Nonlinear Schrödinger equation  

281.  Bessel's Integrals for integer values of n

282.  Modified Crank–Nicolson method  

283. Forward difference solution of heat equation with truncation error of order ∆x**6

284. Large relativistic contribution to perihelic precession       

285. Simultaneous growth and diffusion processes   

286.  Particle in a box with an attractive semi δ - function potential 

287. Particle in a box with a repulsive semi δ - function potential

288.   Schaum's Outlines of Quantum Mechanics - problem 10.13  - transitions of a harmonic oscillator 

289.  Schaum's Outlines of Quantum Mechanics - problem 10.14 - harmonic oscillator in a time varying electric field  

290.  Schaum's Outlines of Quantum Mechanics - problem 12.4

291. Exact solution of the WKB equation for the harmonic oscillator ground state

292. Solutions of the WKB equation with the oscillator potential  

293. Bohr-Sommerfeld rule with a linear potential  

294. The Airy Function  

295. Numerical Solution of the Telegraph Equation-Part I   

296. Numerical Solution of the Inhomogeneous Telegraph Equation - Part II

297. Lossy transmission line  

298.  Lossy transmission line - Part II   

299. Lossy transmission line with open end - Part 3

300.  Equation of a planet's thermal memory


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