Methods of Theoretical Physics /Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering/Mathematical Techniques for Biology and Medicine - Part 1


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1. ;Rayleigh Current Divider

2.  Numerical Solution of Volterra Integral Equation of the Second Kind

3. Numerical Solution of Voltera Integral Equation of the First Kind

4. Numerical Solution of Fredholm Equation of the second Kind

5. Eigenvalues of Integral Equations

6. Eigenvalues of Integral Equations -Part 2

7. Two box model for the carbon cycle

8.  Polynomial Solutions of Fredholm Integral Equations -Part I

9.   The Doolittle Algorithm

10.  Legendre Solution of Fredholm Integral Equation

11. Simpson's Rule

12. Numerical method for the energy levels in the WKB method

 13.  J(1s,1s) by Monte Carlo Method

14. Use of Poisson's equation in atomic calculations

15. The self consistent field method in atomic calculations

16. Monte Carlo method with importance sampling

17. Three dimensional integration by Monte Carlo method with importance sampling

18. The Hydrogen atom by Monte Carlo method

19. The one dimensional hydrogen atom

20.   The Painlevé equation

21. The Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization procedure

22. Energy of helium in the Slater’s X-α method

23. The H2 molecule

24. Numerical Inversion of Laplace Transform

25.The Hydrogen Atom in the Momentum Representation Part 1

26. The hydrogen Atom in the Momentum Representation Part-2

27. The Fourier Transform of Hydrogenic S-type Wave Functions

28. A two element hydrogenic basis set in p space

29. Klein-Gordon equation in p- space

30. Klein - Gordon equation in p space - Part 2

31. Density Functional Theory

32. Correlated wave functions of helium

33. The modified Parr-Gadre-Bartolotti energy functional

34. Power series solution of RC circuit

35. RLC circuit with unit impulse input

36. RLC circuit

37. RLC connected to a generator

38. Finite Elements Analysis - Part 1

39. Lagrange Interpolation Polynomial

40. The Van der Pol Oscillator

41. Numerical Solution of Laplace Equation

42.  RLC circuit connected to a step function voltage

43. Solution of Integral Equations by Iterative Methods -Part 1

44. Solution of Integral Equations by Iterative Methods- Part 2

45.  The equation y'' = Ay + By^3

46.  Growth of two conflicting populations

47. Emden's Equation 

48. Energy of a Shallow Quantum Well 

49. The Lorenz Attractor

50. Chaos in the forced pendulum 

51. Atomic pseudo potential of a spherical shell

52 .Numerical Solution of Dirac's Equation

53. Numerical solutions in cartesian coordinates of gravitational orbits  

54. Gravitational orbits with precession

55. Direct numerical calculation of Mercury relativistic precession

56. Numerical solutions of gravitational orbits in polar coordinates

57. Venus contribution to Mercury precession

58. Earth contribution to Mercury precession

59. Mars contribution to Mercury precession

60. Jupiter contribution to Mercury's precession

61. Saturn contribution to Mercury's precession

62. Simple estimate of Mercury's precession

63.  Gravitational potential due to a mass ring

64. Dirac delta function potential

65. Numerical solution to the Hartree –Fock approximation of the one-dimensional helium atom with modified delta function potentials

66. Solution of Laplace equation in a square grid -the H method

67. Solution of Laplace equation in two dimensions by iterations

68. Sturm- Liouville problem with mixed boundary conditions

69. Non Linear Integral Equations

70. The equation of Bratu

71. The Convolution as an Integral Equation Problem

72. Examples of the convolution theorem

73. Isothermal Gas Spheres

74. Applications of the Cayley - Hamilton theorem

75. The heat equation

76. Oscillator response to the step , ramp or impulse function r(t)

77.Schaum's Basic Electrical Engineering - Example 17.3

78.  Schaum's Basic Electrical Engineering -      Example 17.4 //Routh -Hurwitz criterion as a    Differential Equation //

79. Friedmann Equation

80. Simple pendulum with two degrees of freedom


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